Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning Conference Series

Fouling of heat exchangers in processing industries is a chronic operating problem. Costs due to over-design, additional fuel consumption and maintenance, loss of production, etc. have been estimated as 0.25% of the GNP of industrialised countries. In addition to the appropriate selection of operating conditions and exchanger geometry, there are numerous chemical and mechanical methods to mitigate fouling and to remove deposits from the heat transfer surfaces. However, all methods to reduce fouling require some understanding of the mechanisms of the deposition process and of the structure and adhesion of deposits on the heat transfer surfaces.

The aim of these bi-annual conferences is to facilitate innovative thinking and to explore new theoretical and practical approaches to address the tremendous challenges associated with fouling of heat exchangers. It also provides an opportunity for experts from industry, academia and research centers from around the world to present their latest research and technological developments in fouling mitigation and cleaning strategies. In addition to academic research, industrial case studies are, therefore, particularly welcomed.

Following the highly successful meetings in San Luis Obispo (1995), Lucca (1997), Banff (1999), Davos (2001), Santa Fé (2003), Irsee (2005) and Tomar (2007), the 8th conference in this series was held in Schladming, Austria. For the first time, this conference was not organised through Engineering Conferences International (ECI), but as part of the EUROTHERM Seminar Series by a team directed by the conference chairmen. The main incentive for this decision was to reduce overhead costs and hence registration fees for the participants and to improve communication and hence shorten response time to queries.

The conferences are usually held in June, over 5½ days, beginning on Sunday afternoon, and continuing until the following Friday noon. Morning and afternoon/evening sessions are scheduled to provide a stimulating balance between formal presentations, small group interactions and informal discussions. The conferences attract representatives from a wide range of universities, research institutes and companies and hence are able to provide participants with excellent technical presentations and a very conducive environment for discussions. The number of participants is limited to avoid parallel sessions and to foster personal contacts.

This website intends to keep you informed about the past and future conferences of this series. In addition it provides you with free access to all the reviewed publications of the past conferences.

Conference Chair:

Dr.-Ing. Hans U. Zettler
Heat Transfer Research, Inc. USA

Honorary Conference Chair:

Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen
Dresden International University, Germany